Cream cookers
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Cream cookers

Choose the quality thanks to our cream cook! They are essential machines for pastry shops where quality and reliability are required. In fact with the cream machines you can prepare delicious hot creams that will amaze your customers.

It is composed of a stainless steel tank with a cavity filled with thermal oil, a stirrer also made of stainless steel and a sturdy base that encloses the moving parts and the electrical equipment. A large burner with nozzle for methane gas or LPG, guarantees rapid heating that can be controlled through the special thermometer which the tank is provided with. The whole tank assembly is mounted on swivel supports so as to allow easy emptying by acting on the special lever. A telephone timer warns the operator of the cooking. Particular care has been taken in the creation of safety systems, making the machine compliant with current regulations.


Gas cream cooker

Category: Cream cookers

$ 4,374.44 [+22% VAT]

$ 4,400.84 [+22% VAT]


Power supply Volt 400/3/50.

Weight 70/85 Kg

Dimensions (mm):

744X550X1290 744x600x1290

 Capacity: 30lt / 50 lt

Shipping on: 22 Nov 2019
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