Automatic Spiral Mixers
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Automatic Spiral Mixers

Discover the quality of these machines designed to work well with well-hydrated dough (with a hydration of over 55% with European flour) with professional use. This line of professional spiral mixers offers models with mixing capacity from 60 kg to 250 kg. The quality materials combined with an attractive design make it an excellent solution for the needs of artisan bakers.

Its body completely in painted steel, tank, stainless steel spiral and column and transmission by trapezoidal belts make it a robust and reliable line.
The control panel is one of its strong points, in fact it consists of an electromechanical timer that allows you to work in three different modes (manual, semi-automatic and automatic) and to use the machine even in the event of the timer breaking up to its replacement. Alternatively, the version with electronic control panel and bypass selector is also available as an option, which allows up to 90 recipes to be stored.
These machines are ideal for the gastronomy, hotel and bakery sectors.